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I arrived in Cocoa Beach from Texas on a Sunday night after 17 hours of driving and very ill from what I thought was due to over injected lips and chin area. I was in extreme pain, running a fever, had multiple soars popping up on my lip and looked like a clown smile at its worse! I was so ill from the infection! Had a hot spot at lower corner of my mouth that was throbbing. Monday morning, I began calling a list of spa clinics and licensed cosmetic surgeons for help. I was given an appointment, after a few no's, by Clevens, Yale/Harvard graduate plastic surgeons office for Tuesday morning. After all the necessary paper work, setting up my account through and required new patient onboarding, I arrived and the doctors approach was (with arms folded), "I can't help you and will not perform any care for you". This reaction was within 5 minutes of the start of my appointment. He had a look of disgust and escorted me out! No joke! As I drove away I began to ultimately ask for help from a high place. I knew I was in trouble and began looking for closest Emergency Room when I decided to make a call to one more place and that happen to be Coastal Med Spa. At that moment I didn't know how fortune and blessed my life would be changed by the dynamic Trio of Woman, at Coastal Med Spa. With hearts full of excellence. I quickly was believed and witnessed their oath of health care and the commitment and decency from every single staff member! They all were involved in an Emergency Room approach, and made me confident that the confident that my treatment and the procedure would be successful! My specialist looked at me and said, "You're are going to feel so much better by this time tomorrow and we are going to take really good care of you, because you are worth it"! Words cannot described how refreshing their medical professionalism and sincere humanity felt! Coastal Med Spa was able to identify my issue and it turned out, I had a bacterial infection. Six hours later, I could actually eat my normal diet and enjoyed a full meal and the next day. I looked absolutely great and felt so good! If you want to have an experience, where you can trust that you will be cared for with integrity, honesty and a people that will truly have your best interest in mind and in action, Coastal Med Spa is beyond what you could imagine. No wallet worries are worth what I went through! This is the one place, in my experience, that has a dynamic women, you can trust! I don't write many reviews. The ladies at Coastal saved me!! I'm forever grateful!

-Grateful Patient  /  2020

"I am so pleased with the results from my fat reduction PC shots around my knees. My legs have shape again!!"

-Patient  /  2019

Wonderful business. Love the staff. Christina does a great job, very accommodating, and she does her research to find the best way to help her client. Best spa I've been to!

-Patient from 2019

"Anna, you are so wonderful and so good at what you do! I was nervous to have things done to my face to thwart some of the natural aging process, but you made me feel very calm. I knew I was in good hands with you! You made my first time with Botox, facial fill injections and your own neck line reduction technique feel as natural and painless as it could be! I will be back to YOU, because of that! Thanks again!"

-Successful Patient  /  2018

"I am 74 years old. I have done PRP now on my knees and shoulders several times and I have been able to ski and hike again. Thank you PRP and Coastal Med Spa."

- PRP Patient  /  2019

"Anna and the staff at Coastal Med Spa are very knowledgeable and professional. They have a huge menu of Anti-Aging modalities and services! I have done the Kybella (PC) on my upper thighs and PRP on my knee and shoulder with great results of improving mobility and stopping the pain! I highly recommend the Coastal Med Spa Team, who bends over backwards to get results!"

-Forever Client  /  2020

I went in for a lunch time facial. This is the perfect way to refresh your skin and look forward to the rest of your day! Christina did my Medical Microdermabrasion Facial and my skin hasn’t felt softer! I swear it feels as soft as a baby’s bottom. This was so relaxing and she gave me very personalized care. Thanks Coastal Med Spa! I feel younger already!

Leala D.  /  2020

1 discovered Coastal Med Spa about a year and a half ago and there’s nowhere else I would rather go. The personal attention you get is unbelievable. I’ve been to many many local doctors offices over the years for fillers and Botox but have never experienced such a caring nature as the staff at this center. I can’t say enough about all of the people that at the Spa. Christina and the Coastal Med Spa Team....these people will go the extra 9 yards like I have never seen before; there’s no such thing as getting rushed out of this office; the time that the staff spends with you is something I’ve never experienced before. Their attitude is that they will never give up on you and will go to any lengths to satisfy the client. With Coastal Med Spa, there is no such thing as, "as this is as good as it gets", because they truly aim to please!! What really impresses me is how informed and educated everyone is and how they maintain a cutting edge attitude of staying current with everything that’s new in the world of facial and body rejuvenation.

Trudy H.  /  2019

I the privilege of meeting Christina who did a beautiful job with my eyelashes and even waited over an hour until my procedure was complete to do my eyelashes knowing I wanted to look and feel my best for my date with my hubby! Her technique with makeup is super natural, enhancing your beauty but tastefully keeping real and relatable to you. She uses the most amazing lines of makeup so my skin had ZERO reaction (as I am usually very sensitive to makeup). Christina is so sweet and truly cared and listened to what I wanted for my lashes and makeup. It was nice to be heard and even offered a discount on future services! I also had a facial and Coastal Med Spa used the most amazing facial techniques to make even someone like me, with very patchy and T Zone skin (dry and oily), lots of blackheads and blemishes (which I’ve never had before my life until I started aging), feel like there was hope again for my skin. They also gave me samples to make sure the product brand worked for me before committing to a skin care line! NEVER EVER have I gone to have a facial and not been pressured to purchase products without even knowing how my skin would respond days or weeks later! Coastal Med Spa also provides Arbonne products (which I LOVE!!!) but I am also a true believer and customer of IMAGE facial products. The facial was gentle, did way more than I expected, took over two hours with me and helped me understand why and how my skin was reacting the way it has been. I left feeling confident that I would not have to get a facial every week but that I could maintain at home until I would be able to return again for relaxation and maintain best health practices for my skin. 

-April R.  /  May 2020

I recently had the Privilege of being introduced to the Coastal Med Spa team. I have suffered with herniated disc‘s in my neck and my back for several years and found it unbearable to continue getting injections that work housing no pain relief. I also had not had a facial in many years as I have let my skin go, due to being a mom and working full-time and dealing with my pain issues. I met a wonderful lady who was able to Perform PRP on me and within a few hours I could feel such a difference. She was very gentle and careful with the placement and talked me through the entire process, since it was my first treatment! She truly cares about others and wants to inform and support patients. For a LONG TERM success! So I continue to follow up and even receive education on how I can help myself with this process. However, I will continue once or twice per month to visit  for my medical, skin care and beauty treatments! Now that Coastal Med Spa is making it easier for me to be a repeat client, I plan to be the first client to sign up for their NEW MONTHLY OR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP, which will provide priority for my services and appointments, provide flexible spending for necessary and routine skin care treatments, PRP and even beauty services! So excited to be a member and to provide feedback on an amazing, genuine and remarkably memorable experience that I just had to share with everyone!!! I know from having had my most recent appointment for hair loss after battling lymphoma, they will be starting a hair loss prevention and treatment program in the Fall! Coastal Med Spa, thanks for helping me regain my confidence and taking the time to listen and not making me feel rushed or like a number! After visiting several other Med Spas (Essentials, Ideal, Clevens, Vitalift) I Actually feel comfortable and individual. Most of the Med spas I have visited pressed me to have treatments I did not need and ended up causing me skin damage, irritation, permanent scarring and never took any accountability! I wanted to feel like the Queen I am, especially if I am spending good money for results! Reasonable rates, GREAT BOGOS right now and worth every single dollar spent! Because I’m a business owner, they also offered me incentives! I URGE you to contact them today to see the difference! They are my family now and so glad to have found COASTAL MED SPA! they also have two locations in Merritt Island and Cape Canaveral ( for when my work takes me beachside)!

-April R.  /  2020

I have been getting Botox/Fillers for over 20 years at various establishments. In November of 2019, I met a wonderful lady Coastal Med Spa and she preformed a phenomenal facial procedure and I have continued being a client/patient of Coastal Med Spa ever since. I will NEVER go anywhere else again. I refer all of my friends and family to her. Thank you Coastal for all you do!

Lynn Raymond  /  2020