You may have heard of Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP, which is concentrating blood platelets and injecting them to prompt healing. Platelet Lysate (PL) is its more advanced cousin.

We first began using PL in orthopedic injuries starting in early 2017.

PRP Treatment areas:
  -Ankles & Feet
  -Wrists & Hands
  -Hair Restoration
  -Vampire Facials


The first step of the procedure consists of acquiring a bit of blood from the patient similar to a simple blood draw. The medical team then uses a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the blood. The platelets are then injected into the painful area where they start a powerful regenerative process. They start releasing growth factors that increase blood flow to the area and generate the healing process.


The results of PRP are gradual over a period of months, as new collagen and blood vessels are produced. The effects begin to show within a few weeks and continue to improve over three to six months. After multiple treatments to the affected area, patients are no longer symptomatic and experience very little to no pain. Results vary from person to person, however, clinical observations and client responses show a positive correlation to a patient's overall well-being and living a pain-free, pill-free life.


Last week I had PRP in the extreme bunions on both of my feet. It was pretty much painless, I mean I felt it, a little but not enough to jump up and down about. I had it done just a year ago and I'm telling you these feet have been a source of real pain. I've used and abused them during my long life and I'm not done yet. So after the first treatment I actually felt like Benjamin Buttons from the ankles down. For the first time in many years I was not walking bone on bone, felt like I was wearing memory foam under my feet when I was barefoot. This did not fade at all for more than 10 months. When I felt the smallest twinge I spoke to Anna immediately and she scheduled me for a booster. It is wonderful ..I can feel that my entire center has shifted away from where it was overcompensating for the pain. I cannot say enough. Had I elected to have surgery it would have been a 16 week recovery time. I have a farm I do not have time for "recovery" and I did not need it with Coastal Med Spa. Thankyou so much

Robin Green

Since an accident a few years ago my knees have really pained me. Anna performed two treatments of PRP on both knees and the results were amazing! I no longer am in constant pain. My knees may still ache sometimes after too many squats but by the next day the pain is gone. I would recommend PRP from Coastal Med Spa to anyone experiencing joint pain. I'm very pleased with my results and the staff.

Pat Spilger Rose