Frequently Asked Questions

I want to purchase a special from your currently monthly specials but I cannot come in until next month, is that possible?

Yes. If you purchase a service from our current monthly specials and prepay in full, you can schedule your appointment for the following 12 months.

I have had zero down time and missed the specials from last month. Can I still book and pay for a service from last month that I wanted to get?

Yes and No. We get it, life is crazy, and sometimes we have little to no "ME" time. Because of this, we extend our monthly specials 7 business days into the next month so you have every chance to take advantage of the previous offers. During that period, any previous monthly specials will need to be booked and purchased in full. Any inquiries beyond the extension period unfortunately will not be permitted.

I purchased several syringes of Filler during a promotion but did not use them all during my appointment. What happens to my unused syringes?

Great question! We bank them! Many well seasoned clients will purchase Fillers during a promotion and bank any unused product for later. Use what you need now, and we keep the rest locked up for when you are ready for more, or just want a touch up refresher. This is an excellent way to get the most product for the money, and allows for product when you need it, without the added cost

You guys are amazing, how can I tip you?

Oh shucks, you're making us blush!
- Tips are considered customary (but NOT required or expected) for our Aesthetician Facial services.
- It is not customary, required or expected for any gratuity pertaining to any of the other services we provide. Our injectors and support staff only wish to know how satisfied and happy you are!  

I texted the appointment notification back with a question, but have not yet received a response. Why?

If you texted us during office hours, our team will respond as soon as possible before the close of business. Response time during business hours vary depending on the demands of the schedule and needs of our clients. Our team checks for text messages all throughout the business day and responds promptly. After hours or during weekends, our team will respond if and when available. We cannot guarantee availability or responses during after work hours or during weekends.

I just finished my first month of Sermorelin. I don't think it's working. I do not feel any different.

Maybe. But it is way too early to know for sure. Sermorelin is a natural Peptide that aids in hormone recovery. Unbalanced hormones more than likely did not happen overnight. Correcting and balancing will also not happen overnight. We always suggest that our clients to commit to a 6 month regimen on Sermorelin to see and feel solid changes within your body. It can take up to 3 months to see or feel any kind of small change. After the 3rd month, if you still feel there is no change or difference, we ask that you schedule a re-visit so our team can evaluate your needs and make adjustments if necessary. 

I just got Botox 2 days ago, and there is no change. Why?

Botox and Dysport can take up to 7-10 days to fully settle and activate. This is why we book a recheck appointment for 7-10 days post injection. Should you notice the Botox has not fully given you the desired look by the 7th day, we will address the need for extra units at your recheck appointment so we can achieve complete satisfaction with your results.

I received skin resurfacing on my face (Example: microneedling, Morpheus 8, or Venus Viva), and my face is really red. Is that normal?

Yes. All skin resurfacing treatments will result in skin redness and/or irritation for a period of time, and often feels like a sunburn. It usually subsides within 24-48 hours. In some cases, clients may even experience some degree swelling or bruising. It is rare, and we take every precaution to avoid this. However, some clients are prone to swelling and bruising.

Can bruising occur after receiving Botox or Fillers?

Yes. Our providers make every effort to ensure our clients do not experience bruising of any kind. While bruising is very uncommon, it can happen. Our team can provide you with care instructions to help prevent bruising, as well as how to treat and minimize a bruise if it occurs.

I received Filler in my cheeks and there is an area where it does not look like it stuck. Why?

It is our mission to ensure our clients receive the results they desire on the first visit. Our team is trained and experienced in calculating the right amount of product to use to achieve the results both you and the provider are looking for. However, we DO NOT believe in 'over doing it' with more product than we think you need. Should you need more, it will be evaluated during your post recheck appointment and corrected during that time. It is much easier, and less painful, to add a bit more filler, then to try and retrieve/dissolve too much filler.

I received Filler in my lips. I can feel a bump or a lump under the skin. Is this normal?

Yes. Fillers can look or feel bumpy under your skin while it is settling. Each person's body adjusts to fillers differently, and some may experience this bump/bumpy look or feel while their body is adjusting and encapsulating the filler. The bump will disperse within time so long as you are following the post care instructions your provider outlined for you during the appointment. This is an extremely rare occurrence, but can happen. Consult with your provider should this occur.  

I have never received any kind of aesthetic injections and I am nervous! Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! Aside from having excellent support from our team, we always encourage the buddy system! Feel free to bring a friend for that extra cushion of support!

My friend and I want to have Botox done together. Can we book our appointment at the same time?

Yes. We encourage bringing a friend or family member with you so you can enjoy the experience together. Friends who Botox together, stay together!!